Trade and partners
LITBANA was established in 1992 and has successful experience of more than 20 years in cooperation with partners from Morocco, Egypt, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Sweden, Poland and other countries offering fresh fruit and vegetables.
International companies Del Monte, Chiquita and Palmar supply bananas from Ecuador and Costa Rica.
LITBANA is one of the companies in Lithuania that directly imports bananas by sea.
LITBANA exports big share of imported fresh fruit and vegetables to Latvia, Estonia, Belorus, Russia and the Kaliningrad, Kazakhstan.
LITBANA  cooperates with transport companies and renders services of cargo reloading, storage and expedition. 
LITBANA  closely cooperates with supermarket chains in Lithuania (MAXIMA, IKI, RIMI, NORFA, PRISMA) and Latvia. 
LITBANA offers fresh fruit and vegetables to local market traders, retail stores and privаte persons.
LITBANA supplies the HoReCa sector - all the clients in catering - cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, night clubs, offices, events and etc.
Fresh fruit and vegetables at a friendly price can be purchased at the warehouse in Vilnius - wide range of products and good prices are always prepared for the clients.

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